What Fortnite Dance is Chance the Rapper angry about?

Chance the rapper fortnite

Chance the Rapper has called out Fortnite for not paying black creatives for originally making the dance popular. The artist, who routinely fights for creator rights,  is a long time fan of the game, even mentioning that they should bring the game to the switch. Because the dances were never monetized, Fortnite does not legally owe the creators any of the money made off the dances.



So what Fortnite Dances is the rapper talking about? While there are several dances increasing in popularity there are a couple hip hop culture based dances that the Grammy award winning artist referring too:



The Fornite Dance “Hype” was originally called the Shoot Dance and is done by hopping on one foot, kicking with the opposite foot and swinging their fist and elbow. The dance was made popular in a song called Shoot by BlocBoy JB.


Here is the original dance:

Here is the Fortnite dance version:


Another dance called “swipe” was originally called the Milly Rock, and was made popular 2 Milly. The Milly rock which has a distinctive side to side two-step, was re-branded as the “Swipe” emote in Fortnite.

Here is the original dance:

Here is the Fortnite version:

This is just a fraction of the dances that Fortnite has taken and rebranded for its own benefit. However, some artists have expressed that they want there dances in the game regardless of the legal issues. For example Drake has expressed that he believes the hotline bling dance would be a great addition to the collection of Fortnite dances.

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