4 Easy things I did to get a flat belly while keeping a Butt

The trend for this generation involves a flat tummy and a voluptuous behind. When losing weight, you typically lose it from every part of your body. This is why its important to build certain muscles when on the quest for losing weight so that you don't run into muscular atrophy, especially in the behind. These simple tips will help you get a flat belly while keeping a butt.

Flat tummy big butt

1.Drink Green Tea

Have you ever wondered how some people naturally are able to eat what ever they want and lose weight? After observing all of my skinny friends who eat potato chips and taco bell all day, and still have incredible shapes, I noticed that they ate, used the bathroom, and was hungry right away. That’s there metabolism! Metabolism is what keeps skinny people skinny. There food never has time to actually sit in there body and re-digest, thus creating more fat.

The objective is to get nutrients and get the waste out. I pondered this gene and wondered how I could make up for the lack of it in my own body. Thats when I researched what foods increase your metabolism and found the holy grail, green tea. Drinking a hot cup of green tea first thing in the morning will have you starving, which means its doing its job. But its not always what you eat, it’s when you eat too, which brings me to my next important tip.

2. Close your eating window (Intermittent Fasting)

“Eating window” refers to the time period in which you have allowed yourself to eat. My particular eating window begins at 1:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm. Thats 8 hours I am technically allowed to eat, and it is plenty most nights. Some nights I snack like a monster after nine.

What I do is before I begin my eating window, I drink a full glass of green tea, two if I can handle it. What this does it kickstart your metabolism before you even start eating, which stops the food from sitting in your system longer. Eating in a 8 hour window is a bit harder then you may think, and for that reason I recommend talking with your doctor before starting a plan like this one. Nonetheless, I feel as if intermittent fasting  has been the biggest contributer to losing weight, particularly in my belly faster

3. Waist Training

OK, I know this one is controversial but hear me out. I don’t waist train in hopes that it will crush my organs and thus making my waist smaller. I waist train for two simple reasons.

  1. It helps you feel full faster. Waist training is essentially like bariatric surgery with out the actual surgery as it tightens your tummy and stops you from feeling hungry for more food.
  2. I can combine the garment with certain tightening lotions so that my overall belly looks tighter.

Combining this method with the above steps will do wonders on tightening your belly but if you don’t combine it with the next step, the booty is sure to go flat.

4.  Hip Dips and Kick backs

You can do all the butt exercises in the world and they wont do what these two exercises will do to your butt. Doing 50 or 100 of these particular exercises (especially with a weight attached) will drastically change the look of your butt in short amount of time.

Whats so special about these exercises versus the infamous squats is that they target the gluteus minimums which is that part of the but/hip that you see from the front and gives you the bottom of that hourglass figure.

Image result for gluteus minimus

Targeting this muscle will give you the shape that many celebrities have made popular.


Now get moving ;D

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