7 Important Checkpoints to Sharing Viral Content

Making your content go viral

Creating quality content that has the potential to go viral can already be a-lot of work. Sadly, that leaves the potential for people to miss the small technicalities that make a difference when marketing potentially viral content. This checklist will ensure that your covering all bases when making your trendy media.

1. Are the visuals good?

  • The decision for a person to share your content generally comes from the images in it. This is especially important when creating content that is primarily read by your viewers because attention fades quickly if the content is not arranged simply and broken up with interesting images. Creating videos that have the potential to go viral often involve great visuals with good lighting and editing.

2. Are the points clear?

  • If it is a step by step guide, are the steps clearly outlined? You want to make sure what ever goal it is in your viral content is clear. If your content contain information, break down your information into smaller points so that it is easier for your viewer to follow through. Information that is clear is more likely to get shared with friends.

3.Have you narrowed down you niche audience schedule?

  • Timing is important when attempting to get your content to trend. Narrow down you niches activity times to increase your chances of your content going viral. If you have an audience, make note of the times they were most interactive with your streams. Was it late at night when they are relaxing at home browsing the web?  Is it during lunch hours? If you don’t have an audience, find websites with similar content like your own, observe the schedules of people interacting with that content.

4. Remind your audience to share

  • Most users won’t like or share your content without you actually requesting them to do so. Puting a simple call to action or social share button on are article can be the difference between five people knowing about it or thousands. When sharing a viral worthy video make sure to add a end screen asking your users to share with their friends if they found the content enjoyable.

5. Make sure your audience can comment

  • Facebook commenting on a potentially viral blog post is especially important as most users are already logged in and are free to comment immediately. People often also tag there friends in the comment section increase the likelihood for a share as well as controversial comments resulting in a community of users interacting with your content.

6. Did you double check your headline or hashtags?

  • Headlines are what catch a viewers eye in a blog post. There is an amazing headline analyzer tool that evaluates the emotional draw your headline has. This is especially important when attempting to make a article go viral. In the case of viral videos, you want to make sure you add the hashtags you choose are one that your niches will potentially look for and share.

7. Narrow down your emotional angle

  • People are extremely emotional creatures and have ranges of feelings from anger to excitement.  Target the emotion your media is trying to convey and emphasize it. If your showing an emotional video, add some sad music in the background or if its a fun tutorial, add a funky tempo. When you have an article, try to emulate the same emotions through the images and wording in your article.

It would be a complete waste to spend time making a quality post or media, without addressing the essential components that drive a piece of content to go viral. Its important to note that not all content will go viral but the chances increase dramatically by double checking for the points above.

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